22nd April 2019 

About Sports Coaching

"My creative mind is my greatest weapon. It is a kind of inner vision that enables me to see things that others might not, like a certain way to play a shot. The psychology of golf can be complicated as it does entail mental toughness, self-confidence, conquering inner demons, instant recall of past successes and being able to purge failures. It is the game within the game. I developed my mental strenghth early, I cannot overemphasise the importance of YOU developing yours NOW"
Tiger Woods

In all areas of our lives we have capabilities, and we have ways of undermining ourselves. This can be particularly true in sports. We have all hit the perfect golf shot, the ace in tennis, the 20-yard volley into the roof of the net in soccer, a six over the bowler's head in cricket. Whatever sport we play we have all had moments of supreme performance and carry the memory of those times. How is it then that we are unable to replicate those actions? For many of us this comes from focusing not on that success but on our failures. We forget that we have the ability to excel, and many of us grow a disbelief that we can reproduce these skills again and again.

Sports Coaching provides a structured way of learning to make the most of ourselves. I can help you to achieve more from yourself by assisting you to harness your strenghths, and by learning how to quieten the doubting voice in your own head. By believing that you will achieve and by getting your thinking out of your own way, and in so doing you will grow your mental strenghth.

I have learned that by approaching my sport differently I now play better, get greater satisfaction, and enjoy myself more. I have also found that applying some of the principles of Nueuro-Linguistic Programming to my everyday life I am more confident and self assured.